The best e-health evaluation framework is dependant on several criteria. They function as tools to allow the introduction of effective e-health initiatives simply because they profit the healthcare organization in identifying and therefore addressing multiple regions of concern.

To be able to reveal the entire worth of e-health initiatives, that are determined by complex rules, a particular qualifying criterion needs to be selected when analyzing a particular e-health service. The audience of criteria used in the look at the pointed out field is split into three classes with respect to the technical dimension, the economical dimension, and also the social dimension. Therefore, the three groups of criteria are: usability, direct costs and benefits and trust.

  • The group of usability criteria – it represents perceived simplicity of use and perceived effectiveness the very first is understood to be the amount that a person views utilizing a particular system is freed from effort, whereas the second refers back to the degree that one thinks that resorting to particular system enhances a person’s performance. To be able to measure the extent of usability the next notions need to be considered: ease of access, compatibility, functionality, user’s satisfaction, interface. Each one of these represent assets from the usability principle. In the area of e-health services, these notions are put on the technologies utilized by the healthcare system.
  • Criteria of costs and benefits – the price-benefit analysis is dependant on the idea of relative advantage, which denominates the amount that an innovation is regarded as better than its predecessor. Some specialists belittled this group of criteria to be limited simply because they target only direct tangible costs and benefits and therefore are based only on accounting and financial instruments. Put on the e-health services, these standards assess the efficiency of e-commerce with services and products supplied by the sooner pointed out domain.
  • The trust criteria – seen as an crucial property of knowledge systems that provide e-services, trust can be explained as the readiness of the individual or group to become susceptible to those things of the party in line with the expectation the latter will work a particular action essential for the previous, whatever the capability to monitor and control the trustee. Put on e-health, the trust criteria is tightly associated with the safety and confidentiality of medical data.

The usability criteria is connected using the technological dimension, the factors of costs and benefits matches the economical dimension, whereas the trust criteria relates to the social dimension.

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