As parents, we want to give them the best possible chance in life. As a result, we often see so many parents focusing on academic learning to help their kids achieve success as they get older. 

Kids need more than academia though. They also need to be well-rounded people who can cope with social and emotional situations, as well as with the ups and downs of life.

So, what can parents do to help their toddlers to be more well rounded? Keep reading for our top tips! 

  • Expose them to the right Entertainment

Your toddlers want to have fun – they are kids after all! The question is, what is the right entertainment? 

When it comes to books, cartoons, and apps, there are those that are fun and those that will help your child for the better. For example, there are great free kids cartoons available on YouTube that will teach your kids important life lessons. 

Using these cartoons, you can turn TV or iPad time into laughing and learning time.

  • Empower them to make decisions

Few things frustrate us quick like that friend or family member who struggles to make decisions. The ability to make decisions, and more importantly, the right ones, is a key skill

We are by no means saying that you should let your toddler decide everything, but you can use a moment or two each day to empower your toddler to make small decisions. 

Try to make these choices that won’t impact your child in a negative way. For example, ask your child whether they would like to clean their teeth before putting on their pyjamas, or after putting on their pyjamas. 

This will build their confidence and sense of autonomy. 

  • Foster an Understanding of Health

In today’s world of edited photos and processed food, it’s important that your child has an understanding of health. Show them how healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad, and that eating in the right way is important. 

You can also use sports and physical activity to help them learn to love being active. 

  • Encourage them to be Empathetic

Empathy is important for people of all ages and is essential for your toddler to thrive socially and form meaningful relationships later in life. 

Sit down them and teach them about what it means to be considerate, and how to put themselves into someone else’s shoes. 

  • Teach them to Fail 

We face failure throughout our lives, but this isn’t a bad thing. Fear of failure, however, can be very negative for a person. 

This is why it’s important to teach your toddler that failure is part of learning and growth. This outlook will change they approach challenges and overcome any obstacles they may face. 

Final Thoughts 

By following this guide, you’ll be helping your toddler to grow up into a well-rounded person! 

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