When it comes to the finest wristwatches worldwide, one does not need to look beyond the Swiss luxury watchmaker, Rolex. Decorated by fabulous figures like Winston Churchill, Rolex is amongst the most identifiable as well as popular luxury brand names worldwide. However, have you ever asked yourself why this point of beauty, in most cases, costs more than a vehicle? Is it too great advertising and marketing or does the brand’s heritage of immaculate timekeeping evaluate upon its large prices?

Historical significance: We need to know the historical significance of the Rolex watch, it is important to recognize why a Rolex is what it is, a well-crafted watch that offers an outstanding ownership experience. The essence of the brand hinges on its persistent quest to attain chronometric precision. When Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex in London, he wanted to make a wristwatch that not just looked elegant, but was additionally perfect.

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To attain the target, he set for his then-nascent business, he began importing little watch movements made by a watchmaking firm based in Bienne, Switzerland. A watch activity, also called “quality,” is the power source that makes a watch tick. By 1910, the Rolex became the first of its kind to obtain a Swiss Certificate of Accuracy by the main watch score center in Bienne. From this factor, the brand was associated with high quality.

After moving its headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland, Rolex manufactured the first water-proof wristwatch called the Oyster. It soon came out with a “winners in life” project where global icons examined its products in severe conditions only for it to pass with flying colors. Before leaving the factory, each Rolex is evaluated in rigorous problems in order to live up to its title of “Outstanding Chronometer.”

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